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Moot Court Society, or the MCS, is the heart of Law College Dehradun, as is every Moot Court committee of a law college. Student-run, faculty-advised and monitored, the MCS is constituted of three parts: The Patron (Principal & Dean of the college), the Faculty Advisory Board (composed of group of law faculty from the college) and the most crucial and active part The Executive Board (The student members).

The Society is governed by its Constitution specially drafted with the intent to ensure the environment and attitude of legal professionalism. The intent of the society, as envisaged in the Preamble of its Constitution, is to foster the interest of law students by encouraging and assisting them in developing, inter alia, legal acumen, research and advocacy skills. The Society organizes various Intramural Competitions each semester and at least one National Competition each year, in addition to other competitions. The society has a President and Vice-President, along with other officers to manage its administration and Convener along with Co-Convener to look after Competitions and Events. Special departments have been attributed to Training and Research within the society.


  • To provide and righteously synchronize programs and activities dealing with or related to the field of law including but not limited to moot courts; mock trials; legal drafting; judgement writing; research; discussions and forums about the law, current legal issues, and legal careers; socio­legal events ; lectures ; conferences ; legal quizzes ; and other legal competitions or law-­related events.
  • To bring together students who have a common interest in law and provide them assistance and an avenue to express their concerns, goals, and interests in the pursuit of a career or education in the legal field.
  • To promote the understanding of the legal profession, the rule of law, the legal process, court procedures, court etiquette and the justice system.
  • To maintain and enhance the reputation and integrity of competitions and to excel at competitions related to law, and to prepare and select students for external competitions and establish selection criteria thereof.
  • To decorate law students who triumphantly represent the University.