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About The Moot Court Society

@ Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University


Moot Court Society, or the MCS, is the heart of Law College Dehradun, as is every Moot Court committee of a law college. Student-run, faculty-advised and monitored, the MCS is constituted of three parts: The Patron (Principal & Dean of the college), the Faculty Advisory Board (composed of group of law faculty from the college) and the most crucial and active part The Executive Board (The student members). The Society is governed by its Constitution specially drafted with the intent to ensure the environment and attitude of legal professionalism. The intent of the society, as envisaged in the Preamble of its Constitution, is to foster the interest of law students by encouraging and assisting them in developing, inter alia, legal acumen, research and advocacy skills. The Society organizes various Intramural Competitions each semester and at least one National Competition each year, in addition to other competitions. The society has a President and Vice-President, along with other officers to manage its administration and Convener along with Co-Convener to look after Competitions and Events. Special departments have been attributed to Training and Research within the society.

Constitution of LCD MCS

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About Competition



The Constitution of our country is the suprema lex, it is the law to which all laws surrender and must adhere. Law College Dehradun, faculty of Uttaranchal University National Moot Court Competition is an annually hosted national level moot court competition based on Constitutional Law. This Competition is considered to be of great repute by the mooting circuits of the country. It is administered by the Moot Court Society of the college. Other than contributing to the field of Constitutional Law, this Competition serves as a channel through which young law students can showcase and hone their advocacy skills. The first edition of the Competition was won by NUJS, Kolkata; the second by NLU, Jodhpur and the third edition was won by Hidayatullah National Law University. This year, once again, we welcome participation from the best law schools/colleges/universities of the country, in expectation to chisel out the proficient lawyers and judges of the future.

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Uttaranchal University has aimed at providing a congenial environment for the better growth and development of students by giving a chance to gain self-confidence to cope with the upcoming challenges. Law College Dehradun’s National Moot Court Competition is one such event which gives the impetus for the learning students. I invite the law students across the country to participate in this competition for an enriching competition.

-Shri Jitendra Joshi
(Chancellor, Uttaranchal University)

Law College Dehradun has vowed to bring the best of their students by making them understand the real cause of justice. It focuses on providing academic excellence with  practical knowledge. With the motive of enhancing and grooming the legal skills of students, we organize National Moot Court competition every year. I feel delighted in inviting the various law schools of the nation to Uttaranchal University.

-Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna
[Dean, LCD & Patron, MCS]

Law College Dehradun’s Moot Court Society has been passionate about mooting which reflects in the growth of our level of participation. It has left no stone unturned in ensuring that the competition is organised academically strong. The National Moot Court Competition under the aegis of Society will be a journey of providing a meaningful learning and living experience.

-Prof. (Dr.) Poonam Rawat
(Head, LCD & Chairperson, MCS)

Our version of The National Moot Court hopes to imbibe the academic values of constitutionalism and it’s organic paradigms. We , at the the Moot Court Society constantly endeavor to enrich the academic skills of every participant. We hope to make this event mesmerizing for all of you.
Looking forward to host you.
May the best team win !

-Mr.Rajat Gaur
[President, MCS]

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Glimpses of the previous editions!


The first ever National Moot Court Competition of this institution was held in the year 2013. The problem was based on the Constitutional Law and we’ve followed suit ever since. And after splendid performance and hard work, West Bengal National University of Judicial Science (WBNUJS), Kolkata, won the competition.

The 2nd edition of National Moot Court Competition that was held from 6th to 8th October, 2017. The Competition focused mainly on Constitutional Law, with references to certain special laws like Information Technology Act, 2000 and the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Act, 2012. Showing excellent team work and great mooting skills, National Law University, Jodhpur, lift the winning trophy.

3rd Edition of National Moot Court Competition on Constitutional Law which was scheduled to be held from Friday, 5th October 2018 to Sunday, 7th October 2018. After having the cutting throat competition, Hidayat Ullah National Law University, Raipur won the competition.

4th Edition of National Moot Court Competition on Constitutional Law was organized from Friday, 4th October 2019 to Sunday, 6th October 2019. Exhibiting exceptional advocacy skills, Chanakya National Law University, Patna lift the winning trophy.

5th Edition of National Moot Court Competition on Constitutional Law was organized from Saturday, 1st May 2021 to Sunday, 2nd May 2021. Exhibiting exceptional advocacy skills, Christ Deemed to be University, Bangalore lift the winning trophy.

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Competition Schedule


Time Schedule may vary on the day of the Competition, in event of unavoidable circumstances.

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