What must be done for a team to Register?

To register, teams must fill-out the online registration form provided on our website at https://lcdmcs.com/reg. There are two registration forms available on our website viz., Provisional Registration Form and Final Registration Form. Teams may provisionally register by filling up the provisional registration form and can later confirm their registration by filling up the final registration form or may directly fill the final registration form if they have completed all the codal formalities at their institution.

Do I need authorization from my university/college/institution to register?

Yes, your registration must be authorized by your college/university/institution. An authorization letter from the Dean/Principal/Director must be uploaded on the final registration form for it to be accepted. The format of the authorization form can be downloaded from HERE.

Can more than one teams participate from the same university/college/institution?

No, only one team is allowed per university/college/institution.

Who is eligible to participate?

Law students pursuing their 5 or 3 years LL.B. course from any university/college/institution recognized by the Bar Council of India are eligible to participate. Law students pursuing their LL.M. from a University/Institution recognized by the Bar Council of India are also eligible to apply provided that they must not be enrolled as advocates.

What is the registration Fee, when and how is it payable?

The registration fee is INR 4000 and it is payable by NEFT or electronic transfer only. The registration fee shall only be paid upon confirmation of selection after the memorial knockout round.

What is the desired team composition?

Each team must comprise of minimum two (both designated as Oralists) and maximum three (two designated as oralists and one as researcher) members.

How many teams will be selected after the memorial knock-out round?

A total of 32 teams will be selected and invited to participate in the competition after the memorial knockout round.

Final Registration form becomes unresponsive/slow.

The Final Registration form requires you to upload images/document in addition to textual data which may take a little time depending on the size of your images/documents and the speed of your internet connection. Please be patient and let all data upload on the sever. Upon successful submission of final registration form, you’ll see a “SUBMISSION SUCCESSFUL” message and then you’ll be redirected to the Home Page of our website.

Unable to upload images/authorization letter from phone.

If you are filling the final registration form from your mobile device then please use your system default File Explorer/Browser to browse to the data files that need to be uploaded instead of using Photo Gallery or other similar app of your phone. This is because your Photo Gallery may not have permission to upload data to a web-browser whereas your File Explorer/Manager/Browser has this permission.

I have tried everything but I am not able to complete the final registration online.

If that is the case, please do not worry. Click here to access our contact information and get in touch with us so that we may assist you with the Final Registration. In such a case we’ll usually ask you to send us the images/documents by email and then we’ll fill the form for you.

Will accommodation be provided to teams?

Yes, well furnished and air conditioned rooms will be provided to all out-station teams on all days of the competition.

Will conveyance be provided to teams?

Yes, conveyance to and from the University Campus will be provided to all out-station teams.

Will food be provided to teams?

Of-course, we won’t let you be hungry… But beer, cigarettes and other alike are neither permitted and will nor be provided  😉

Can teams be accompanied by a coach or family member?

No, under any circumstance, this shall not be permitted.

Can accommodation be extended?

Yes, teams may extend their accomodation, but at their own expense.

Are there arrangements for sighting in and around Dehradun?

Yes, we want your experience to be unforgettable, to facilitate it, we have set-up a mini-tourism department that will provide assistance to teams regarding sighting, mode of travelling, reasonable accommodation options etc.

How should the judges be addresses?

The Judges may be addressed as “Your Honours” and the court in general should be addressed as “the Hon’ble Court”.

Checklist for SPEAKERS

  1. Did the oralist introduce him/herself?
  2. Did the first oralist introduce Co-Counsel(s) and ask the court if they wanted a summary of the facts of the case?
  3. Did the first oralist indicate the amount of time allocated for the oral pleadings and which submissions will be respectively addressed by each team member?
  4. Did the oralist provide a structured map outlining the oral pleadings?
  5. Did the oralist deliver a persuasive and well structured argument grounded in law?
  6. Did the oralist demonstrate a strong understanding of the facts presented in the case and subsequently utilize them to advance their argument?
  7. Did the oralist compose intellectual responses to the judges’ inquires?
  8. Did the oralist directly answer questions posed from the judges’ panel?
  9. Did the oralist properly cite sources and legal authorities?
  10. Did the oralist provide an adequate conclusion that added value to their overall oral pleadings?
  11. Did the oralist from the Petitioner/Applicant side limit the rebuttal to the scope of the Respondent’s oral pleadings?
  12. Did the oralist from the Respondent side limit the Sur-rebuttal to the scope of the Applicant’s rebuttal?
  13. Did the oralist speak slowly, confidently and clearly?
  14. Was the oralist respectful to both the judges and opponents, as well as present him/herself in a professional manner?
  15. Did the oralist manage and make effective use of their time?

Do the judges permit or expect the students to present their arguments without interruption or do they ask questions during the argument?

The answer to this question is difficult to predict as judges come from different backgrounds, they may be retired judges, lawyers or law professors and may have different expectations from the participating teams. Teams must be prepared both to present a coherent reasoned argument without interruption and to have the entire period occupied by questions – or something in between.

How to prepare for oral arguments?

Start with knowing thoroughly the facts of the moot proposition, the legal issues and the arguments in favour and against, as the case may be. Teams may also give mocks to members of their Moot Court Association/Committee/Society or any faculty members to improve their arguments and increase their confidence in presenting the case.

What should I wear?

Oralists must be modestly dressed and must wear white shirt, black trousers/skirt, black tie, black coat, white/black socks and black shoes. Oralists must not use bands and gowns.

Is use of electronic devices permitted on the dais?

No, electronic devices must not be used by the participants.

Can co-counsel(s) pass information over to the oralist speaking at the dais?

Yes, but that should not disturb the proceeding of the court.

How should documents or information be passed to the judges’ table?

Documents and information may only be passed to the judges through the Court Masters.

How to ensure that our memorial gets selected?

Follow the memorial guidelines provided in the Rules of the Competition and draft your memorial on the prescribed format only. Sample memorial can be downloaded from HERE.

Will there be negative marking if memorial guidelines and format are not followed?

Yes, for every instance of default, points will be deducted.

How can we ask for clarifications?

Clarifications regarding the Rules and Moot Proposition may be requested by filling the clarification form https://lcdmcs.com/contact.

Can we watch other team's oral pleading?

No. Beware of the scouting rule. No team is permitted to attend arguments of other teams other than the final round of the competition.

Should you have any other question striking your mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch by clicking here.